Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation B: Reflective Statement

After receiving today's feedback I relatively happy with what I presented, but disappointed with myself due to my lack of posting which I could have done and would have given some idea into what I was working on and to receive feedback. One major flaw of mine which has prevented me from fixing and improving certain parts of my characters was that I worked from home on this project and therefore were barring myself from getting any feedback or help, and combined with my lack of posting stopped me from receiving helpful feedback and technical help. This I intend to stop completely as soon as possible by posting frequently, with perhaps a weekly update at the very least to encourage me to start posting again, and coming into the university as much as possible.

Being too ambitious with the project again affected the quality of my characters and final piece, for if I had not attempted to make an animation for my final submission I would have been able to spend more time with the mariner and the albatross, and develop them to a higher standard for a turnaround. I will need to work faster in the future, plan ahead with a reasonable and realistic outcome.

One aspect of my project I am quite happy with is the albatross. I spent a majority of my time on this model, the texturing to make it look like it was part of an illustrative universe, and the rigging and animation to make it move and fly how an albatross would.

Overall I am quite proud of the piece which I have submitted but in the aspects where I have let myself down during this project I intend to post as much as possible in the future so that I can receive feedback and help over the next year.

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