Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Acting Class: Week 3

For our third class we explored the idea of high and low status reflected in body language, such as wide and open, with more slower movements, taking time and full of power for high status, whereas for low status would be quite twitchy, out of place, shorter posture and more closed together. We selected a card from a deck and the number reflect how we would act walking in, sitting down, introducing ourselves, and then walking back out of the room, the higher the number the more high status, whereas the lower the number the more low status. We then had an exercise where one person in the room would be the one and only high status, ordering all the low status servants to do their bidding. Finally we were paired up and performed an improvised scene in which we were each given an objective with an opposing status position than the partner, such as a high status mother and a low status daughter, with the positioning of the two contrasting each other greatly reflecting their status, such as a low status being on the floor to emphasise how high status the other would be.

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