Wednesday, 7 October 2015

@Phil Online Greenlight Review: Invisible Cities

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  1. OGR 08/10/2015

    Hi Danielle,

    I wanted to begin by saying how interesting your most recent Moriana thumbnails are; it's clear that the collage/layering approach was useful to you. So, yes, Moriana, that glamorous city with the dark side - much like most cities I suppose! For me, the key description here in terms of design is the bit about the dancing girls. Moriana sounds a bit 'The Great Gatsby' to be - a sort of high-life Jazz city, of dancing girls, and night-life: it makes me think of this:

    It all sounds a bit decadent and sensual. Perhaps the 'Medusa' reference could be more useful to you - the idea of the deadly female? The femme fatale? While I think your thumbnails are v. interesting, they do have the effect of making your world seem already rather dangerous and spiky; I wonder if Moriana is a bit more inviting than that (at least this side of the city is)? I wonder if Moriana is a 'pleasure city' - as attractive to new-comers as the light on the end of an angler fish's lure?

    There's something about this city - with its references to dancing girls, mermaids and medusas that is suggestive of femininity and the siren-call of the promise of pleasure... I wonder, in terms of design references and thinking about architectural forms, if there's more you could do with those ideas?