Sunday, 18 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Exterior, Low Angle Exterior and Interior Shots Colour Comps

Colour Scheme 1
Colour Scheme 2
Colour Scheme 3
I prefer the blues and greens within the first colour scheme, but feel that more coral colours should be added rather than lilac, and that I'd also like to incorporate the pale pink colours from the second scheme.

Decoration for the Interior
The decoration I used for the interior was inspired by the aquarium theme for the city, but also to incorporate the shiny, glamorous and enticing atmosphere, so I experimented with clam/oysters and pearls to use for the decor to represent the idea of attracting passers-by with the sparkling lure. Like the pearl used for attraction for the interior, I used the chandelier as a lure for the exterior by placing it above the main entrance of the buildings to the recreate the image of an angler fish and it's means of alluring prey.

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  1. I love your thumbnails, they have a magical quality to them and I love the colours you used. Lovely decorations, too!