Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Acting Class: Week 4

This week the class began with a few rounds of ninja, and shortly followed by the whole class walking around the room, making exaggerated movements, and when Dan would clap we would have to stop in our pose, and then act out an action based upon our frozen stature. I ended up becoming a ballet dancer and a flamingo prancing around the room.

After this exercise, one of us would move into a position, and another member of the class would have to react to this pose, and once Dan clapped again, we would freeze and another person would have to pick up from that pose. Many of the scenes included a day at the beach, taking a selfie, finding a dead body.

The final exercise in this week's class was that a variety of random objects were spread across the floor, one person would leave the room, and the remaining class members would have to think of an action from a certain item for the performer to perform, and to lead them into these actions the audience would use clapping in a type of 'hot and cold', more clapping for how correct the person is with each object, the height of being held, how the object is held, and the action. These involved using a hat to beg for money, a dustpan for a tennis racket, and a wig for a pet.

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