Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Acting Class 1 & 2

For our first lesson we introduced ourselves and after a few games to introduce us to movement and action we were put into pairs and told to mould our partner into several roles such as 'lion tamer', 'army cadet' etc to demonstrate how to make clear poses that show the role without action, and how tiny details such as how a person's hand is positioned can be all the difference in showing the audience if the person is holding a pair of cards or smoking a cigar. To finish the lesson we were put into small groups of three and did a similar task but instead of just one person posing for one scene, we were all posing in three scenes to tell a short story. The clarity of poses in big gestures as well in the tiny details such as a slight movement of a wrist or the fingers will help in posing characters as well as animating them to show the audience exactly what is happening.

For our second lesson we took the clarity in posing and put that into actual acting to show the audience exactly what is happening. We were put into pairs to practise our performance of our morning routine which we then performed in front of the class, being put into pairs helped us in developing our morning routines into a performance by helping the other with small details, such as instead of just switching the alarm off the phone, but instead actually turning the alarm off and then playing around on the phone for a few moments before waking up for the day, or such as when washing in the mirror adding the detail of wiping away sleep in the eyes.

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