Monday, 16 January 2017

Adaptaion A: How the ___ Changed the World ver 2

How the ____ Changed the World

How the Lightbulb changed the world
How the Steamtrain changed the world
How Penicillin changed the world
How the Wheel changed the world
How the Telephone changed the world
How the Camera changed the world
How Paper changed the world
How the Compass changed the world
How Lego changed the world
How The Plague changed the world

Imagery to look at

Super Mario Galaxy, planets, geometric shapes, low poly, camera, lenses, wheels, circular imagery, tin can and string, paper aeroplanes, paper craft, origami, paper cuttings, lego pieces, squares, bright colours, bacteria, petri dishes, compasses, light bulbs, electrical components and glass.

Out of all f the ideas I'm quite leaning towards How Paper changed the world. Initial ways in which paper did change the world was;
  • Ability to transport messages such as letters (before technology).
  • A method of recording information.
  • Entertainment through Paper craft such as origami.
  • Promote creativity such as painting and drawing.
  • Able to make books for entertainment, information, education etc.
  • Affecting the amount of trees on the planet.
  • Littering
As well as the lightbulb idea I do quite like the idea of how the Compass changed the world, with its effect on traveling across the seas, how this improved trade across the world etc.

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