Sunday, 13 November 2016

Character Project: Monster Designs Developments

After talking with Justin I began to focus on more Crustacean based designs for the monster in my Character Project, For these few designs I focused on drawing aspects from creatures such as Lobsters, Crabs, Lizards, Snakes, Shrimp/Prawns and Sharks, i.e. Hammerhead and Great White. Most of the features on these creatures is that of an extra jaw, several pairs of eyes and legs, webbed claws, armour-esque skin/shell/scales, or a mouth that splits open into three.

***colours aren't final.


  1. These are some very strong designs and nice references to the prehistoric creatures, nice work! Since they seem to take on a slightly more ferocious design down to the darker colour palette from your pre-OGR work for the characters and design, I wonder if you could tackle the Human characters the same way. It's a really cool step way from your usually very cartoony style!

  2. exciting page of developmental drawings :)