Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Personal Work: Siren and the Swimmer

Over the last few weeks I had the idea of a Siren-like character alone in a body of water, trapped by a large squid or leviathan at the bottom of the lake. This developed further into a small type of narrative, where a swimmer/traveller arrives at the lake, unbeknownst to her is that a creature lives in the lake. The Siren and the Swimmer become curious of each other, and the two soon become friends, When the Siren tries to leave the water entirely a large tentacle drags her back in, the Swimmer pursues and tries to free the Siren from the monster.

For the Siren I had the idea of a human who has evolved/mutated with fish-like traits, adorned with scales sporadically growing over parts of her body, as well as having elongated limbs and webbed fingers and toes, with a long tangled mess of hair trailing behind her as she swims.
Siren in Daylight
Early Morning Light and Dusk experiments

Nightmare/Confrontational Lighting

Siren Expression Experiments
For the Swimmer I was aiming to create a bubbly, graceful, cheerful character that stands out against the Siren's dark and algae rich world of the lake, too having some fish-like traits with artificial fin like design on each side of her swimsuit. For her colours I experimented with reds and blues but found that red seemed a bit too 'aggressive' and blue made her melt into the background of the water, by using pinks and magenta like colours I felt as though she became a bit more of a 'fun-loving' character.
The Swimmer

The Swimmer Dressed idea

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