Monday, 11 January 2016

@Phil Script to Screen: Bulletpoint Story Ideas


  1. Hey Danielle,

    Okay - lots of sparks beginning to fly here! I'm immediately reminded of the Ray Bradbury story, The Illustrated Man, which is about a man who is literally covered in tattoos. A completely tattooed character would fit with your circus them - so in this sense a 'Tattoo artist' - someone who uses human skin as canvas. I can also see how another character might be a mermaid (or more bluntly a 'freak' who is called 'The Mermaid') who spends her time swimming inside an enormous goldfish bowl as part of her routine in the show. Perhaps your story is about the relationship between the 'illustrated man' and the 'mermaid'? But what kind of story? There is more than a hint of darkness about this set-up, but it could also be a highly unconventional romance. I'm thinking now of the original fairy story of the little mermaid, when all she wanted was legs. I'm wondering if the tattoo artist could give the mermaid her legs somehow - by drawing them on her body (perhaps her legs are fused together, hence her title in the show as 'The Mermaid'?). Anyway, just thinking out loud here, but I suggest you do lots of research into freak shows and variety acts etc. to further inspire.

    1. Hi Phil :) I really like the idea of a tattoo artist and the mermaid! I'll research more into freak shows and variety acts, thank you :)