Monday, 18 January 2016

@Phil Script to Screen: Story Ideas **Feedback Welcome**

Based on my feedback from my mind map and previous ideas I've looked more into the 'freak show' variety act side of my traveling circus, and would have the artist as a tattoo artist, perhaps with ink that moves or changes color on his skin, being a living canvas, and the goldfish bowl to be a large container-like stage for a 'freak' mermaid-like character. The general gist of my ideas for my story if there were to be a romance between the artist and the mermaid would be;

Idea 1: A Performance 
The artist performs his act of moving inks/living canvas, sees the mermaid on centre of the circus in her large goldfish bowl performing, leaping through hoops and other water acrobatics. As crowd leaves artist meets up with her through the glass. The bowl is rather empty so he paints a fish onto the glass, which begins to move into her bowl and acts like a real fish. The two then encorporate this into a sort of double act and attract many people to the circus, such as the mermaid swimming around with objects created by the artist's ink.

Idea 2: The Little Freak
Much like idea 1 the artist performs and soon the mermaid catches his eye. The mermaid is less enthusiastic about her water act/swimming and is far more interested in walking as she keeps on staring at the audiences' feet. The artist then proceeds after some design planning to tattoo her legs with ink, to create a design of legs on her large fish-like yet humanly morbid tail. As his tattoos come to life so does hers, obtaining legs. The two then either escape the circus or again make an alteration to her/their acts.


  1. I like idea 2 much better since I feel like theres more of a plot to work with :D I really like the idea of the tattooing on legs and them coming to life.

    1. Thank you! :D I do quite like idea 2 but it's hard to decide haha :)

  2. Idea 2 has a lovely fable quality to it - sorry I got here a bit late, Danielle - look forward to seeing you polish this premise for the OGR today :)