Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What If Metropolis: OGR Part 1

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  1. OGR 05/11/2015

    Morning Danielle.

    A very evocative travelogue - I could hear the gulls! I very much like the way in which you've found 'lighthouses' in your artist's work (I can see them too) and likewise the whole nautical theme. Your thumbnails are nicely exploratory too. I'll keep this short then... time to dig into some proper concept art! I assume the lighthouse element will likely be a 'key asset' in terms of your digital set? As you progress, I want you to really think about your elements as credible structures, and how the materials of them might allow for that translucency and sense of 'overlapping' shapes - so research into actual building materials etc and construction techniques is on your 'to do' list. I want you to start thinking too about the relationship between your digital set and your matte painting - start thinking about what your scene will show us and why, and how you can 'show more' than you actually have to make. Again, what is also clear from your description is the importance of light and lighting to making this seaside city gleam - so thinking about lighting in terms of Maya is another plate it's time to start spinning! Onwards!