Friday, 25 September 2015

Maya Tutorial #1: Egg Cups

I'm really pleased with my egg cup outcomes mostly due to the fact that I have never touched 3D modelling software before. I did find it hard to understand Maya at first, and I couldn't find my way around the options and tools easily, but listening to others and watching the tutorial helped greatly.

NURBS (Red), Rough Polygon (Blue), Sub-divided Polygon (Yellow). and Smoothed Polygon (Green) 

Division count


  1. Hey Danielle,

    Congrats on your eggcups! Just watch your image size when you're setting out your blog post - see how these screen grabs are actually exceeding the content width of your blog template, so they're clipping the text on the right? Just re-edit this post and choose the next size down for the images - or alternatively, go into the template design, and make the width of your content space a little wider - either way, just get things tidied up on here :)

    1. Ah thank you Phil, I've widened the template so hopefully the images fit now :)