Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Acting Class: Week 6

This was sadly our final acting lesson, in which we were able to present and apply what we have learned over the course of these lessons. The lesson began with our final few rounds of ninja (somehow I won each round) which was followed by us setting up a scene in a western saloon, with everyone assigned characters and roles by Dan which we would swap over each turn, where we applied a great amount of tension, as one person would enter the room, the whole room would go quite, all of us in fear and defensiveness of this 'baddest gunslinger in the west'. Once the gunslinger had left the saloon the whole room returned to normal of piano playing, gambling and drinking.

Our final exercise was that we were split into two groups in which we were to apply everything we've learnt from the last few weeks into a performance of something that has happened in our life. These scenes featured mostly retail, where a complaining woman asks for a refund on a jacket and while waiting for the manager to appear, in fact bites the zip, and a Sweet shop where a crazy chicken ran into the shop after the shopkeeper's glasses fell off, followed by the local naked hipster appeared looking for the chicken. A very crazy story inspired by a collection of dreams in our groups lives.

I've really enjoyed taking part in these acting classes and feel sad that we won't be partaking in these lessons anymore, but I will try to apply everything that I have learnt over these weeks to creating status, tension, and more characterful and readable animations.

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