Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Film Review: Mr Bean's Holiday (2007) - Comedy

Mr Bean's Holiday is a 2007 British comedy film directed by Steven Bendelack. It is based upon the British television series 'Mr Bean' and is the second Mr Bean film, the previous being 'Bean'. It tells the story of Mr Bean, a silent and clumsy brit who wins a holiday to Cannes and a video camera, however as Mr Bean's character is, he gets caught up in missing his train, getting a child separated from his parents, blows up a director, and hijacks a movie premiere.

The type of comedy that describes Mr Bean's Holiday quite aptly is Blunder Comedy. These types of comedy usually focus on the main comical character making foolish and basic mistakes which creates a humorous effect for the audience. This type of blunder comedy is frequent throughout the film, as it begins within the very first scene of the film, where Bean loses his winning raffle ticket on a toy train running around a track. Again this blundering brit is seen making foolish mistakes once again shown in the scene where Bean catches his tie in the vending machine which causes him to miss his train.

One scene within Mr Bean's Holiday which presents an example of blunder comedy is the scene in which Mr Bean is stranded on the roadside. He holds his hand out several times for any passing traffic. What someone finally turns up, since the man's Scooter is not going fast enough, the mean hops off and tries to fix it, where Mr Bean makes another blunderful mistake and attempts to steal the mans bike. Just when the audience and Mr Bean believes that he has gotten away with it, the man comes walking along beside him and throws him off, reclaims his bike and drives off, leaving Bean next to an outhouse. After a few more hours of trying to hitchhike to no one passing by, Bean goes into the outhouse, and just as he gets lock in several cars drive by. Bean can no longer get out of the outhouse and picks it up from the inside, shuffling onto the road slowly off screen. The next thing the audience hears is a loud horn and is shown the debris of the outhouse being sprayed across the road as a large truck comes charging through. Just when the audience believes that Mr Bean has been killed or run over, he walks in from the side, brushing himself off, practically unscathed, and begins to walk off.

What I personally find funny about Mr Bean is that he cluelessly and clumsily creates a trail of chaos behind him in nearly every television episode and in both films, but at the end of the film it all comes full circle and he has somehow Mr Bean is able to solve all of the problems in one fell swoop, and particularly in Mr Bean's Holiday the finale all comes together of the movie premiere being hijacked with his own home video, allowing his newly made friend Sabine to become a movie star, the director to get a much better response to the film rather than of the one he originally made, the boy is reunited with his father and Mr Bean finally gets to the beach.

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