Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation A: How the ____ Changed the World

Some initial ideas:
  1. How Penicillin Changed the World
  2. How Deforestation Changed the World
  3. How Gaming Changed the World
  4. How The Telephone Changed the World
  5. How Social Networking Changed the World

With the idea of 'world' being affected I like the idea of several small floating worlds which you could walk around quite quickly such as in Super Mario Galaxy.

If the deforestation idea is chosen I'd quite like to look at paper craft like origami or very simple geometric shapes, such as

For the more technological based ideas such as gaming or the telephone I'd quite like to look at pixelated and/or very simple low-poly models similar to the geometric paper crafted shapes.

For the Social Networking idea I'd quite like to look at perhaps the 'can and string' idea for communicating or paper aeroplanes flying across the small world.

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  1. Hi Danielle

    Pitch Feedback

    Firstly, you were asked to choose ‘10’ possible topics (professionalism?) for this pitch. So before you’ve started you made a mistake. Remember that this project has an underlying focus on professionalism which means reading an understanding the brief.

    In terms of your list, all of the topics you’ve listed are possibilities that could work in this short project. However, a common theme amongst those choices mean they all hinge upon information that’s possibly not as definable and readily available as you may first think. For example, ‘how social networking has changed the world’ presents a question where the answer is subject to opinion and to a greater of lesser extent is unquantifiable. The same is true of a telephone and gaming. This kind of choice can descend into ‘guesses’ and vague facts very quickly unless you can find any credible articles or studies. With that said you have the right approach – something small creating a big change. To move forward you will need to quickly explore each topic in terms ‘solid facts’ – this will perhaps more than anything help you choose. Do this quickly because time in this project is short.

    Note: Your blog has a distorted blog archive list running down the side. It makes it hard to find things on your blog and is graphically detracting from your blog.