Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Narrative Project: My Roles

My Roles within the Group Project

"Crafts the daily rushes and their end products into a final, coherent whole. To ensure the story flows effortlessly from beginning to end."

"Responsible for constructing the final image by combining layers of previous-created material. End of the Production Process. Creatively combine all the elements into the final image, ensuring that the established style of the project is respected and continuity is maintained."

Graphic Designer
"Using a in-depth understanding of advertising, composition, typography, imagery, colour, and motion to help a film stand out."

Lighting Technical Director
"Involves making sure that there is a consistency in lighting, colour balance and mood between the various elements of a shot or a scene. To add lighting that creates atmosphere, increasing realism, tone and depth within a scene and confirming location, weather and time of day."

"Creates the 'skeleton' for a 3D model. Responsible for making sure characters and objects can move realistically and ensuring that all of the joints and muscles work and move correctly and accurately."

Sound Designer
"Responsible for providing the sound for screen action, including Spot Effects (i.e. clocks ticking, doors closing, dogs barking) and Atmosphere Effects (i.e. Rain, Wind, Traffic, Birdsong)."

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