Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What If Metropolis - OGR Part II

OGR - Part 2

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  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hi Danielle,

    In general terms, I think you're good to go into production, but I do have some refinements for you to think about: personally, I think you need to bring back in some of the stronger elements from your artist's work, as everything here is perhaps too pastel and is verging on the monochromatic; there are some bolder colours, and blacks etc. in the paintings, and I think you could consider using these are accent colours and as a means to create more of a sense of visual hierarchy. Also, I want you to consider much more so the importance of actual architectural detailing, as right now, your windows, doors and surfaces are very flat and a bit too generic. I want you to think about ways you can bring some subtle surface detailing into your assets and ultimately your models: everything from doing some actual visual research into the configuration of portholes and circular windows...

    to the actual construction of your buildings and what that tells us about their surfaces and materiality:

    and also, all the other little details that can stop your buildings from just looking like 'chunks of CGI' and instead look like characterful architectural elements:,_PR_05.jpg

    (all of these examples are from a category of architecture known as streamline moderne - a style very associated with seaside architecture, bait also reminiscent of your shapes).

    In terms of your matte painting, your set-up gives you little choice but to use it to create a skyscape, but even so I think you could be more adventurous with it. As your world is clearly stylised after your artist, you might want to consider including clouds etc. but consider stylising the clouds too so they're simple and shaped-cleanly, as if your artist is responsible for them too.

    So - in general terms, at the moment your world as depicted here is a bit 'wishy-washy' and ill-defined in terms of the actual architecture. I'd like to see you enrich your scene with a bit more character, a bit more colour, and bit more architectural reference.